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Man of the Month

November03/ 2017

Name: T. Donovan Simons
Age: 45
Sign: Leo
Originally From: Bermuda
Now Resides: Idlewild, Michigan
Occupation: Graphic Artist, Photographer, Web Master, Author, Poet/Spoken Word Artist, Musician
Hobbies: Traveling, Writing, Drawing, Reading

PT: You mentioned that you were born and raised in the islands of Bermuda. What was it like growing up there?

Donovan: It was very laid back. Being four and six years younger than my other two siblings, I grew up like an only child. I didn’t have television and computer games to entertain me, so I had to create and discover things of interest. I had the great outdoors to explore and I made good use of every opportunity to invent and learn everything I could about it.

PT: With Bermuda being a paradise many wish to flock to, why did you make the move to the United States.

Donovan: Bermuda is indeed very beautiful and blessed. However, in my mind, my dreams and visions were much larger than what a twenty one square mile island was able to fulfill. Attending high school in Georgia and Tennessee was my first taste of living stateside. The diversity and perceived opportunities is what initially captivated my attention. For me, “home” is where your heart is.

PT: You’ve listed quite a few occupations and hobbies. I would imagine it doesn’t leave much room for being idle.

Donovan: Not at all. I cannot relate to boredom. Even though my interests and occupations seem varied, they are all rather related. The common denominator is “creativity”. They each complement the other. I imagine much of that stems back from my childhood of having to create entertainment instead of being entertained.

PT: What would you consider to be your favorite pastime?

Donovan: I’m not sure I can say I have a favorite because I am passionate about any avenue in which I am able to express myself or my thoughts. I started writing poetry when I was nine years of age. The book “The Inner Voice” which documents much of my life in poetry, prose and pictures is very much like a diary. Music is also another creative form of expression. I enjoy playing the piano and singing, yet, I won’t sing just anything, I have to be able to relate to it in some way so I am sharing an experience and not merely words.

PT: Moving on to a different subject, as a man in your mid-forties, what is your secret to looking so young?

Donovan: HUMOR! I love to laugh and joke. It is so vitally important to learn to learn to laugh and have a genuine love for life. We must lighten up and not take things so personally. That is not to be confused with being irresponsible. So many times we shoulder crosses that does not have our name on it. With that being said, that is not a green light for us to be selfish, but rather a challenge for us to exercise discernment. Often we carry concern and worry for others who don’t even give the same degree of concern for themselves or their situation. So, instead of being a help we become a hindrance, an enabler of bad choices and decisions. That alone will accelerate the aging process. DIET. Sometimes we can overwork our bodies with what we eat and drink (or do NOT eat and drink, for some). I am guilty of that. I keep myself mindful of that. I am a work in progress. I am a vegetarian and have been all my life. I believe that has helped to slow down the aging effect. EXERCISE. While I have never been able to claim myself as a “gym rat”, I stay active, almost constantly. I am naturally slim, as I have my father’s genes. However, that doesn’t give me a free pass for being in shape. Staying active, I believe, assist in keeping my energy levels up and toned. ELIMINATE STRESS. Even though we may not be able to eliminate all stress, we can greatly reduce the level of stress in our lives by incorporating a 3-step process that I have documented in this issue of PrymeTime. I apply the 3-step process to every challenge and it works! REST. Although I joke about rest/sleep being overrated, it really isn’t. Our bodies demand rest, sufficient rest in order to perform at its best. Rest is our body’s time to recover, regenerate and restore itself. I have discovered that going to sleep prior to midnight by at least an hour (or more if possible) keeps me from feeling sluggish and beat up the next day. I’ve also found it helpful, even therapeutic, to mentally rest for an hour every day. Don’t engage in anything…no television, music, work,, socializing…nothing, just be surrounded by fresh air and the most natural environment possible. I believe it helps chase away those wrinkles because our minds are relaxed therefore the facial tension is not there. Last, but not least, WATER. Drinking plenty of water is something I should drastically improve on. Our bodies, being made up of seventy percent water, needs to stay hydrated. Not just any liquid, preferably water. It is imperative to maintain our bodies hydrated. Drinking water aids in flushing out the impurities and toxins within our bodies. It also helps to preserve the elasticity in our skin.

PT: Wow! That makes sense. Something you said in your last response has really stood out in my mind… You have never had a juicy T-bone steak, finger-licking chicken leg, succulent Butterball turkey or any seafood?

Donovan: [Laughs] No. At least not that I was aware of. To my knowledge, I have never eaten anything that had eyes…(or a mama, for those of you who want to include oysters)

PT: Man, you don’t know what you are missing. [Chuckles] It must be tough being a vegetarian, especially when it comes to eating out.

Donovan: Well, first…you can’t miss what you never had. As far as it being a challenge eating out, it really isn’t. I know what to look for and almost always can find something wherever I go out to eat. Since I have been a vegetarian all my life, it is part of my lifestyle.

PT: Do you have a specific project right now you are working on?

Donovan: Actually, I have a few projects I am currently working on. This online magazine, PrymeTime, is the latest project demanding my attention. In fact, the online magazine is just one of a series of PrymeTime projects. (The others are a 2014 16-Month Calendar, Coffee Table Book and Stage Play). More information can be found on these projects by visiting us online at www.PrymeTimeOnline.com. My book of Poetry, Pictures & Perspectives entitled “The Inner Voice” should be completed in the first quarter of 2013. Additional information on this project can be found on our website, www.TheInnerVoice.net. I have completed a gospel project, “In Heaven’s Eyes” and I’m now involved in writing, producing and recording two R&B projects (Back To The Future & My Tribute). For more information on these projects, visit us on our website, www.DonovanSimons.com. I think that is enough to hold me for now. [Laughs]

PT: With all that you have going on, how do you find time to rest physically and mentally and have a social life?

Donovan: I have learned over the years that we make time for whatever is most important to us. I’ve frequently heard, “I don’t have the time”, when time management may be all that is needed. We most often waste more time when operating with a fatigued mind and/or body. If we were to take a nap or permit ourselves to have sufficient sleep, then we are most likely to function at our optimum capacity both mentally and physically. I often perform a recurrent self-evaluation of how I spend my time, then hold myself accountable for I how utilize it.

PT: I can understand why boredom is not something you would identify with. If there are any words of wisdom that you would like to leave with our readers, what would it be?

Donovan: “It is impossible to help others without helping yourself in the process.” Don’t believe me, try it. [Smiles]

PT: Thank you so much for your time and insight. May you have much success in your endeavors.

To learn more about Donovan, visit his website at: www.DonovanSimons.com


As far back as I can remember I have enjoyed writing, drawing, coloring, singing and playing the piano. I have often referred to these creative outlets as my ‘therapists’. It was that safe place where I could pour my soul out without having to feel ashamed, embarrassed, foolish or judged. It is still a safe haven for me today. I never intended for my work to be read, recited or seen by anyone other than myself. It never crossed my mind that it would even be of interest to anyone other than me. My first recorded poem dates back to 1976 where at the tender age of 9, I sat at my parents’ dining room table to pen a poem of appreciation for my mother and father. During my junior year in high school I was required to write poetry for various English assignments. Much of my poetry was written during my high school and college years. It wasn’t until I was in college when a friend of mine read one of my poems and wanted to read more that I learned that my writing was something others could relate to. She was flabbergasted when I told her that I didn’t keep them and that it was just an avenue that allowed me to exhale. She strongly encouraged me to start saving them. Since then, the thoughts and feelings expressed through poetry have served as the “diary” of my life. I have found it amazing to see how my writing style, vocabulary and thought process have evolved over the years. The Inner Voice brings to account some of the love, sadness, infatuation, bereavement and triumphs that I have experienced over the years. It also permits me to share some of my finer “Hallmark” expressions. In addition to writing poetry, I have been inspired to write articles on social issues, respond to commentaries and concerns written in blogs, and give my humble opinion on private matters when asked. Some of these writing I have decided to include in this book. It is my hope that the thoughts and words shared in this book will be that by which others can not only relate to, but be encouraged by and enjoy.

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